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Sara Consultants are one of the leading transformer consultants

Visualizing the difficulties encountered by the Transformer designers, Mr. TV Ramaswamy, consultant has made a positive attempt to develop a software package to cater to the needs of fast growing Transformer manufacturing industry.

This user friendly software package works for the customer specifications as Input like., Type of Transformer application - kVA Rating, Rated Voltages, Winding material, Type of connections, Tapping range, On load or off circuit Tapchanger, flux density, Current densities, Impedance, No-Load and load losses.



Transformer software by Sara Consultants

What We do ?

We are Trasformer people

Transformer Design

We offer Software for designing various types of transformers. Many comapnies are using our software to design best transformers in quick time.

Consulting Services

Call us for any of needs of transformers. We love to help you out with best of technology and process.

Training Services

We Teach Transformer design and Transformer technology to Young and Experienced Engineers. We have trained many professionals across globe.

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Sara Consultants are in Bangalore, INDIA.


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Transformer Designers Bangalore

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Transformer Designers Bangalore
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